Collection: FAQ's

Why Euro Power Motorsports and not directly from Rebuild UK?

The service in the UK is a rebuild service. You can’t buy an actuator unit from them. That means, shipping your own unit to the UK, and then shipping the core that you received from the UK while your actuators are being rebuilt. So, just the shipping costs alone ends up being between $150.00-$240.00 depending on which shipping method you choose.

Secondly, there is always a chance of the actuators being held up in customs. If this happens, it could take anywhere from 3 days extra to 3 weeks extra. Additional custom costs up to $60 will have to be paid by you as well.

Finally, the dreaded wait time. Many times, Rebuild doesn’t offer a core service. Hence, by the time your actuator gets to the UK, gets rebuilt, and sent back to you, it could take upwards of two weeks. All this time, you will be staring at your car parked in your garage!

Buying from Euro Power Motorsports is not a luxury, it’s a no-brainer!


How Does the Core/Deposit Service Work?

We send you our Re-manufactured unit(s) upfront. We use priority mail with tracking information. These actuators are delivered within 3-4 business days in the United States. Once you receive our actuators, you send your faulty actuators back to us.

The core deposit is 100% refunded upon return and receipt of your faulty units.


How Can We Afford to Sell Actuators for so Cheap?

This service we provide is more of a “service” for the Euro Auto Family and not a “business”. As you can see from the “suggestions” section on the homepage, we are always brainstorming different ideas to make your experience more affordable. With that being said, hopefully, Euro Power Motorsports can offer more products to the Euro Auto Family in the future.

Many people have advised us to charge more and people will still pay. But we refuse to do so unless my costs go up for some unexpected reason.


Why Should I Purchase a Re-Manufactured Unit and not a New OEM Unit?

A set of new OEM actuators will cost between $1,100.00 – $1,500.00. That’s more than double the cost of a set of Euro Power Motorsports actuators. We always try to save even as little as $25.00 if we could. So why not save at least $400.00 minimum with Euro Power Motorsports actuators and use the extra money to satisfy our “Mods Bug”?


What About Shipping to Canada?

Since Euro Power Motorsports is located in Michigan, we have the luxury to stock actuators in Windsor, Canada. Canadian customers will have their actuators shipped within 24 hours after payment is received. There will be no customs or extra fees!


What If Your Unit Fails?

The chance of our unit failing is less than 1%. In the rare event that you feel our unit has failed, please follow this to process your warranty replacement.


Do You Guys Buy Used Units?

Yes; we pay. If you want to sell us your units, please use this link to send us your info.