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Very reputable place to get your actuators. . . . . Would HIGHLY recommend M Power Motorsports. They go above and beyond to try and help out the customer. Plus obviously a damn good price.


I just bought a pair of the actuators from them. My m is like new again. The actuators are much cheaper than new and works the same.


Affordable prices to keep such amazing cars on the road. Great communication, clear, professional, and direct. Transparency is prevalent and integrity abundant. Wish all online-based automotive services were this good.


Authorized Dealer

The most important factor when purchasing parts is to make sure the place you buy them from is an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers are required by the manufacturer to adhere to strict guidelines when selling their products. When buying from an authorized dealer, you are guaranteed that the part is genuine and authentic, and not a knock off that could be sold like on other stores where the dealer is not authorized.

Euro Power Motorsports is an Authorized Dealer for the following brands: Rebuild UK, Infinity Design, RMS Fabrications, ARP and ACL. This guarantees that the manufacturers of these products will offer you tech support if you run into any issues with your product or have any questions. Most importantly, these manufacturers will also honor their full warranty when buying from an authorized dealer. Euro Power Motorsports is not an Authorized Dealer of BMW products or services.

Trust Euro Power Motorsports for all your parts and mods.

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Save Money. Enjoy the Euro Power Experience!

Exclusive Distributor

Euro Power Motorsports is the exclusive North American distributor for Rebuild UK, Infinity Designs, and RMS fabrications.

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