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BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 Sealed Carbon Intake System - Infinity Design

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BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6 Sealed Carbon Intake System - Infinity Design
Regular price $1,499.00
Regular price $1,499.00 Sale price $1,499.00

Infinity Design Carbon Intake System BMW E60 M5 / E63 M6

An intake system that performs both on the dyno and the real world with a real gain of 12-15hp at high engine speeds where the OEM intake becomes restrictive (see dyno graph).
A complete product that performs consistently due to its sealed high flow design keeping intake air temperatures at ambient.
Fits directly to OEM lower and frontal intake

How the Increased Power and Throttle Response is achieved
The bespoke large surface area and high-flow air filter alter the direction of the airflow towards the outer walls of the velocity stack-shaped intake tube.
This, therefore, creates a smoother and less restrictive airflow which in turn reduces the load on the engine and allows for more ambient air to enter the engine.

The overall effect is a vastly improved driving experience with a faster throttle response, a sophisticated V10 racecar-like induction sound, and more power.
The faster throttle response will naturally give the impression of more quickly available torque at lower engine speeds also.

Why a Sealed Intake is Important on the S85 V10 Engine
The majority of intake systems on the market are open designs that allow high-temperature engine bay air to enter the intake system.
This has a two-tier negative effect:
The most understood effect is that the hotter engine bay air is less dense in oxygen which naturally produces less power.
The second effect is less well understood.  The ECU detects the higher-temperature air through the intake air temperature sensor located inside the MAF sensor.  The compensation tables will reduce ignition timing which has a drastic effect on power output.  In the case of the MSS85 ECU running the S85 V10 engine, not only is ignition timing retarded but the fuelling is also increased which further reduces power.
The Infinity Design lower air filter / Inlet Air duct housings have been meticulously designed to allow for maximum airflow and fit directly to the large factory air inlet ducts creating a perfect seal that keeps the intake air temperatures at their lowest point at all times and thus giving the best possible performance.


  • Pre-preg & autoclave carbon fiber construction
  • Sealed design for optimal air temperature efficiency
  • Available in Gloss or Matt clear coated finish
  • Improved throttle response and induction noise
  • Plug & Play fitment


  • Right & Left Carbon Intake Tubes with integrated MAF Boss
  • Right & Left Carbon Air Filter Housings with inlet ducts
  • 2x Bespoke Infinity Design Air Filters
  • 2x black metal clamps
  • 1x filter for intake breather valve with 2x clamps and bolt.
  • 1x bracket for wiper fluid filled with bolt & nut
  • 2x bolts for MAF housings


Compatible with OE Mass Air Flow sensors (MAF).
Plan 60 minutes for installation.

I highly recommend combining it with S85 DME Tuning for optimal performance.

BMW E6X M5/M6 Tune (S85) – Infinity Design

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Mary Holcombe

Awesome company that is run by enthusiasts who truly care about your car as much as you do. When one of the throttle actuators failed on my E90 M3, I came straight to MPower Motorsports, as I had already heard so many positive things about them. Great people, great products, great service. Highly recommend.

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