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E39 M5 (S62) Carbon Fiber Velocity Stacks

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Regular price $2,750.00
Regular price $2,750.00 Sale price $2,750.00

M5 Carbon Fiber Velocity Stacks

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your BMW S62 with our cutting-edge carbon fiber velocity stacks. Place your order today and experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance, exclusively from Partee Racing Composites in collaboration with EAE Motorsports.

Enhanced Power and Precision Engineering

We are excited to launch our latest batch of carbon fiber velocity stacks, specifically designed for the BMW S62 engine. Building on the success of our previous models, these stacks have shown a remarkable increase of 22WHP over standard stacks. This enhancement was rigorously tested on our Partee Racing HO NA S62 engine, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Innovative Design Updates

In our continuous pursuit of perfection, we’ve made a subtle yet impactful change in the design. The carbon tube now extends further into the billet flange, increasing the surface area for the methyl methacrylate adhesive. This adjustment not only strengthens the bond between the carbon and the billet but also smoothens the internal transition, enhancing the overall efficiency.

Aerospace Quality, Handcrafted Excellence

Our S62 carbon stacks are a product of high-caliber craftsmanship and technology. Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, each piece is meticulously designed by our expert, and shaped with precision using our CNC router. After being autoclave-baked, they are hand-sanded and clear-coated in our state-of-the-art paint booth. Every piece reflects our commitment to quality and is handcrafted in our Danville, Virginia facility, ensuring that each product is something we would proudly install in our own project cars.

Upcoming Compatibility Feature

Previous purchasers of our carbon stacks for the S62 know that the bottom edge of the cylinder 2 stack has to be clipped on the bottom and its angle and length slightly modified to fit under the stock plenum. Because our upcoming carbon fiber plenum (top AND bottom) for the S62 will have significantly more internal volume, the cylinder 2 stack will NOT need to be clipped or otherwise modified to fit in that plenum. To accommodate customers who want to upgrade to our carbon plenum once it becomes available in early February, this production run of the carbon S62 stacks will include BOTH the clipped/modified version of the cylinder 2 stack that fits under the stock plenum and unclipped/unmodified version that will fit in our carbon plenum. Customers will be able to choose which version of the cylinder 2 stack they want when ordering. Prior purchasers of our stacks who upgrade to our carbon plenum will receive a free new cylinder 2 stack to take full advantage of the plenum’s additional volume.

Order Fulfillment Date

Orders placed now will ship by the end of February, probably sooner.

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