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BMW E6X M5/M6 Tune (S85) - Infinity Design

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Models: BMW M5
Regular price $575.00
Regular price $575.00 Sale price $575.00

+30 hp / 20 lb.ft

The Infinity Design Tune is not just a case of increased timing and playing with target AFR’s like many tuners but a far more sophisticated approach using map smoothing, accurate torque control to create a driving experience that not only delivers more power but the improved throttle response and overall efficiency. While performance gains will vary from one engine to the next, horsepower gains of 25-30 HP can be expected on a stock engine without any supporting bolt-on upgrades. Purchase with confidence because the Infinity Design Tune is hands down the best tune being offered in the market.

A realistic and repeatable peak 30hp @ 7800rpm gain with 20lb.ft @ 6250rpm torque is achieved with a peak gain of 35hp @ 8000rpm. Power gains are throughout the rpm range accompanied by sharper throttle response and smoother overall power delivery.

Stage Tuning

Tuning is often offered in “stages”, it’s a useful rule of thumb. Here’s how Sal defines his stages.

Numbers are based on stock S85 Dynojet figures of 430whp.

Stage #

 Required Modifications

Expected Peak Power

1 None. I highly recommend the sealed air intakes. 450whp
2 Decatted Headers. 470 to 475whp
3 Optimized for V3 long-tube, equal-length headers. Further mid-range gains of 10whp 4000 to 6000rpm. 490 to 500whp
3+ Custom tuning for S85s with cams, strokers, and/or superchargers. Case by case.


Comes with a handheld tuning Device. The tune is done remotely. You DO NOT need to send your ECU in.

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Alex Herman

Works perfectly and customer service couldn't be better. this is a local family run business not a giant corporation, they can save you a bunch of money if you have an s65/s85 powered car.

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