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BMW F80 M3 | F82 M4 Sealed Carbon Intake System - Infinity Design

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F82 M4 Carbon Intake System S55 - Infinity Design-2
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BMW S55 Carbon Intake System for F80 M3 | F82 M4

Experience a surge in power and enhance the driving dynamics of your BMW F80 M3 or F82 M4 with our fully sealed Pre Preg Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake System. Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, this intake system redefines airflow, delivering noticeable gains in power, throttle response, and induction noise.

Design Excellence:

Our Carbon Intake System features large cross-sectional turbo inlet tubes with integrated MAFs, boasting smooth non-concentric expanding inlet tubes fitted with silicone couplers. The expansive inlet tubes act as velocity stacks, accelerating airflow and significantly surpassing the OEM design. The result? A smoother lower rpm torque, improved drivability, and an immediate enhancement in throttle response.

The inlet tubes are securely fastened via stainless steel V-band clamps to the air filter housings, seamlessly connecting to the OEM front air feeds for a streamlined and efficient design.

Air Filtration Mastery:

Nestled within carbon-shaped enclosures are bespoke short-stack, high-surface-area filters—the largest in the market with a generous opening of 170mm (6 3/4″). These filters, strategically placed in front of the inlet tubes, optimize airflow by directing it toward the outer walls, creating the largest velocity stack ever seen for the S55. The encapsulated design rejects engine bay heat, ensuring an even distribution of cool air and prolonged filter efficiency.

Air Intake Temperatures | Heat Soak:

Our intelligently designed system matches factory intake temperatures while transforming airflow characteristics for smoother delivery, facilitating easier turbo entry. Experience the benefits of reduced heat soak, allowing your engine to breathe efficiently and maintain peak performance.

Dyno-Tested Performance:

Dyno tests, conducted under strict conditions on a Dyno Dynamics machine, demonstrate tangible results. Experience an average increase of +10-15 WHP and +10 lb.ft, with peak gains of 15 WHP at 6700rpm and 12-15 WHP between 5800-7500rpm. The real-world driving experience mirrors these results, showcasing a system that performs seamlessly from everyday driving to spirited acceleration.


  • Pre-preg 6-piece autoclave carbon fiber construction
  • Sealed design for optimal air temperature efficiency
  • Available in Gloss or Matte clear-coated finish
  • Improved power, throttle response, and induction noise
  • Plug & Play fitment


  • Venturi Inlet Tube
  • Turbo Inlet Tube
  • Venturi Intake Tube with MAF and breather boss
  • 2x Air Filter Housing / Inlet Duct
  • 2x Bespoke Infinity Design Air Filter
  • 2x black metal clamps
  • 1x filter for intake breather silicone and CNC Boss

Elevate your driving experience with the BMW S55 Carbon Intake System—a true blend of design innovation and performance enhancement.


Compatible with OE Mass Air Flow sensors (MAF).
Plan 60 minutes for installation.

Customer Reviews

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It looks super cool... It made my car feel way zippier with smoother driving and a snappy throttle. Plus, it keeps things cool for consistent awesomeness. Easy to install, and the quality is top-notch. If you're a BMW fan, go for it—it's like giving your ride a superpower boost!

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