F8x/F3x European Style OEM Aspheric Mirrors – Heating and dimming

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Mfg Part # 51-16-8-059-568 KT
Brand Genuine European BMW


These mirrors are an absolute must for our cars. The visibility between the NA OEM mirrors and The Euro-Spec OEM mirrors is a night and day difference.

BMW instructs drivers to have these mirrors installed in their cars at all high-performance drive events.

These mirrors come with both heating and dimming connectors.

Fits the following vehicles:

F8x M2/M3/M4


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European Style OEM Aspheric Mirrors - Heating and dimming
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Fits these cars

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European BMW

1 review for F8x/F3x European Style OEM Aspheric Mirrors – Heating and dimming

  1. llvsixaxisvll .

    Hello all, wanted to share this quick mod for the North American F8X. Special shout out to Abdul for sourcing and delivering these new OEM aspheric mirrors. While doing the research for these through third parties, I noticed lots of examples without either auto-heating or auto-dimming at a reasonable price. Because of this wanted to make sure to get the Euro Spec OEM ones with both heating/dimming connectors. Given the global supply shortage and constant freight issues, was glad I could get these without having to wait weeks, or months. Paid using PayPal goods and services, so wasn’t worried about anything.

    The mirrors are something I realized I needed after a few near misses during slow morning commutes, figured they’d be a quick and cheap way to have better visibility between lanes, like a no brainer. My car doesn’t have blind spot sensors unfortunately and didn’t like the look of the Amazon stick on mirrors. This is obviously not an alternative to paying attention when switching lanes lol, just a nice to have.

    Install was simple and painless install, just had to adjust the mirror so that there’s a gap big enough for a plastic pry tool or fingers, and pull out. The new ones snapped back in place.

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