Like caffeine for your V10

Like caffeine for your V10

by Matt Di Vita @ EuroConnex | Feb 9, 2022

S85 DME Flash Tuning

S85 DME flash tuning is a cutting-edge technology for adrenaline junkies, yet most of us aren’t aware of its glamor. It’s a little overwhelming to know, majority of tuners download files from anywhere and even bargain for cheap rates. 

While others just hold up to its precise mapping to manipulate their adrenaline. We all fall for these tricks.

I’m not tech-savvy and neither know about fuel trims nor the intricacy of tuning engines. That’s why I decided to rely on experts with reliable track history and chose mike @bpmsports for my S65.

Unlike others, S85 varies, and the community too is close-mouthed. Therefore, I looked into the used market for M5 and my build-up plans, and guess what?

I came across Infinity Auto Design. A company operating as a ghost without a website or even no contact information. 

Further investigation left me awed, it was Sal, the lead product engineer.

It Was Sal

A former co-owner of Evolve is now the grand-daddy of revolutionary S85 products and the honored DME tuner in the S85s world.

He lent a hand in engineered upgrades in Evolve headers & e-Tronic exhaust system with carbon intakes, v8 supercharger kits, R cat deletes, Supersprint, and handy tuning maps.

Now he is serving as a lead product engineer for @infinityautodesign. He set the industry on fire by developing unique equal length & long tube headers.

To put up with the perks of tech, now he’s also offering S85 flash tuning.

It is worth mentioning here my V10 is operating pretty well just after a single performance modification by @infinityautodesign.

Smooth Process

I took the cable and tuner module, connected it to the OBD2, downloaded my OE file, and forwarded it to Sal. And you know what? I got the Stage 1 file back within 24 hours.

  1. 8,500 RPM limit
  2. Vmax limiter delete
  3. Cold start delete 
  4. VANOS tuning
  5. Fuel & timing tuning 
  6. No throttle mapping changes

Does A Tune Make A Big Difference?

I always consider stage 1 tunes as Sprint Boosters that respond faster. After Stage 1, you’ll be able to spot enhancing the performance of your vehicle. 

  • It becomes faster
  • It becomes more fuel-efficient
  • It compels more induction noise
  • Its response rises

You’ll agree this is genuine engine tuning.

When BMW M left the power on the table, S85 proved to be a foundation for S65 with an ingenious air intake system.

The combo of Stage 1 flash and sealed carbon intake left me stunned. Almost 2,000$ and 1 hour DIY, I assure you it’s worth your investment.

Like Caffeine For Your V10

I was amazed that the BMW S85 engine performs unbelievably well after tuning and minor changes in the ignition, VANOS, and torque maps.

Power gains are also measured in the RPM range along with response for smooth power delivery.

A realistic and repetitive peak 30 hp @ 7800 rpm gain with 20lbs ft @ 6250 rpm torque is achieved with a peak gain of 35 hp @ 8000 rpm when we removed primary catalytic converters.


Just imagine 20 liters for a 100km ride. I agree it’s completely ridiculous. But the Stage 1 tune has incredibly reduced fuel consumption. 

No jokes, I was also never able to ride 400km with a 60 liters tank. But now I can ride 100km with just 15 liters. 

Created By Grand-Daddy Of S85 Tuning

Salman Janjua, the former co-owner of Evolve has created world-renowned quality products for the S85. He has made multiple tunes for various companies.

The Infinity Auto Design DME has been in the market for over 10 years with various brands and Sal’s tunes. It is a flawless and longest-running tune with incredible performance worldwide.

Stage Tuning

Tuning is usually offered in stages. Mentioned below are Sal’s defined stages.

Stages # Required Modifications Expected Peak Power
1 None. I highly recommend the sealed air intake. 450 whp
2 Primary cat deletes & aftermarket long tube headers. 470 to 475 whp
3 Optimized for V3 long-tube, equal-length headers. Further mid-range gains of 10whp 4000 to 6000 rpm. 490 to 500 whp
4 Custom tuning for S85s with cams, strokers, or superchargers. Case by case


Source: Matt@euroconnex

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