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BMW E39 (S62) M5 Carbon Plenum

$1,200.00 - $3,000.00
Style: Top Only
Regular price $1,200.00
Regular price $1,200.00 Sale price $1,200.00

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Regular price $1,200.00
Regular price $1,200.00 Sale price $1,200.00

E39 S62 M5 Carbon Fiber Plenum

Partee Racing Composites in collaboration with EAE Motorsports is proud to announce the production and sale of its carbon fiber plenum for the BMW S62, including both top and bottom components!  This is the first commercially available carbon plenum for the BMW S62 that includes the more complex bottom half, which until now was only available as a custom piece at very high prices (over $5k!) and without the connections necessary for a stock engine. 


Unmatched Performance Upgrade

Our plenum design has significantly greater internal volume than stock because it (i) eliminates the internal stanchions that are gratuitous unless employing forced induction (this plenum is NOT suited for that application) and (ii) bolts directly to the throttle bodies via included stainless steel bolts that replace the stock studs and with only thin gaskets in between the plenum and throttle body, allowing for a deeper overall plenum.  A side benefit of this design is that plenum plates are no longer required, and there’s no more struggling to bolt down velocity stacks using those tiny little nuts on the throttle body studs and wobble sockets!  

Additionally, the plenum’s increased internal volume eliminates the necessity of clipping the bottom of and angling our cylinder 2 carbon fiber velocity stacks to make them fit under the stock plenum, which allows us to conform the shape, size, and effectiveness of the cylinder 2 stack with the other stacks!  (Existing customers using our carbon fiber velocity stacks will receive a new cylinder 2 velocity stock when they purchase our carbon fiber plenum–only fair not to penalize early adopters!).  


High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

The front intake tubes are made of 6106 billet aluminum as are the fittings for the stock oil separators and drain tubes, ensuring plug-and-play stock fitment.  As with all of our carbon parts, the plenum is made with aerospace-quality pre-preg carbon fiber that is sourced from across the pond and exceeds the quality of locally available carbon used by F1 teams domestically.  Our carbon molds are designed entirely in-house by our wizard and then cut using our CNC router.  All parts are baked in our custom-made autoclave, then clearcoated in our paint booth and finished by hand.  Quality control is simple: We ask ourselves whether we would be proud to install and run this part on our personal project cars.  If not, it goes into the garbage or gets hung on the wall to remind us what we cannot accept.  It goes to the customers if and only if we say “yes.” 

Limited Time Introductory Offer

Introductory pricing of the top and bottom plenum together is $3k. You read that correctly.  $3k for the top AND bottom. Separately, the top is $1200.00 which is less expensive than most carbon plenum tops currently available for the S62. The bottom is $1800.  Those who don’t already own our velocity stacks and order them with the plenum will get the incredible deal of $5k for it all:  top and bottom plenum AND velocity stacks.  Retail pricing for these components will be $3500.00 for the top and bottom plenum and $2750.00 for the stacks.  Thus, ordering all three together now achieves a $1250.00 saving off the retail price which will be in effect after the presale period.  Act now before we sell out!  

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