BMW E39 M5 Tune (S62) – Infinity Design

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Peak Gains – +24hp and +16lb.ft
Max Gains – 20-25hp @ 4500rpm-6500rpm, +20lb.ft @ 4500-6500rpm

The Infinity Design Tune is not just a case of increased timing and playing with target AFR’s like many tuners but a far more sophisticated approach using map smoothing, accurate torque control to create a driving experience which not only delivers more power but the improved throttle response and overall efficiency. While performance gains will vary from one engine to the next, horsepower gains of 20-25 HP can be expected on a stock engine without any supporting bolt-on upgrades. Purchase with confidence because the Infinity Design Tune is hands down the best tune being offered in the market.

Independent Dyno Results:
OEM Headers, OEM Intake, Fluid Motor Union Header Back Exhaust – Before and After Infinity Tune

First Dyno Run:
Max Torque: 335.64
Max Power: 324.44

Infinity Stage 1 Tune:
Max Torque: 351.27
Max Power: 348.00

Custom Tuning for cars with superchargers, camshafts, and cylinder head modifications (please enquire for price)

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2000, 2001-2003

1 review for BMW E39 M5 Tune (S62) – Infinity Design

  1. Sergei Klimov

    Highly knowledgeable people. I stayed informed not only before, throughout the process, but even after the work was done. Abdul tried to find and advise on every possible step. My rating is 10 stars out of 5.

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