BMW F-Chassis (F2x-F3x) Aspherical Euro Mirror Glass Set – Heated

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Mfg Part # 51167285000/51167284999
Brand Genuine European BMW


Bring that sleek European look all the way to your mirrors. M Power is excited to provide the OEM BMW Aspherical Euro Mirror Glass Set with a heating function. Tie your car’s aesthetic together and see the road in a whole new light with the BMW Aspherical Euro Mirror Glass Set.


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BMW F-Chassis / i-Chassis Aspherical Euro Mirror Glass Set

Fits these cars

BMWF22228iN20 2.0L
BMWF22228i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF22230iB46 2.0L
BMWF22230i xDriveB46 2.0L
BMWF22M235iN55 3.0L
BMWF22M235i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF22M240iB58 3.0L
BMWF22M240i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF23228iN20 2.0L
BMWF23228i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF23230iB46 2.0L
BMWF23230i xDriveB46 2.0L
BMWF23M235iN55 3.0L
BMWF23M235i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF23M240iB58 3.0L
BMWF23M240i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF30320iN20 2.0L
BMWF30320i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF30328dN47 2.0L
BMWF30328d xDriveN47 2.0L
BMWF30328iN20 2.0L
BMWF30328i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF30330e iPerformanceB48 2.0L
BMWF30330iB48 2.0L
BMWF30330i xDriveB48 2.0L
BMWF30335iN55 3.0L
BMWF30335i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF30340iB58 3.0L
BMWF30340i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF30ActiveHybrid 3N55 3.0L
BMWF31328i xDriveN47 2.0L
BMWF31328iN20 2.0L
BMWF31328i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF31330iB48 2.0L
BMWF32428iN20 2.0L
BMWF32428i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF32430iB46 2.0L
BMWF32430i xDriveB46 2.0L
BMWF32435iN55 3.0L
BMWF32435i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF32440iB58 3.0L
BMWF32440i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF33428iN20 2.0L
BMWF33428i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF33430iB46 2.0L
BMWF33430i xDriveB46 2.0L
BMWF33435iN55 3.0L
BMWF33435i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF33440iB58 3.0L
BMWF33440i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF34328iN20 2.0L
BMWF34328i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF34330i xDriveB46 2.0L
BMWF34335i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF34340i xDriveB58 3.0L
BMWF36428iN20 2.0L
BMWF36428i xDriveN20 2.0L
BMWF36430iB46 2.0L
BMWF36430i xDriveB46 2.0L
BMWF36435iN55 3.0L
BMWF36435i xDriveN55 3.0L
BMWF36440iB58 3.0L
BMWF36440i xDriveB58 3.0L

Additional information

Weight3 lbs

European BMW

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